Coming out on AnalogueTrash Records this summer will be the Velocity EP, containing new songs and remixes. Track listing is yet to be determined, more news on this to follow!





Following the recent announcement of Andrew joining ATOMZERO, Peter and Andrew spoke to Brutal Resonance. For more insights on the line-up change and the the latest happenings within ATOMZERO and what the future holds, head on over here.



It is with great pleasure to introduce Andrew Hunter as the new voice of Atomzero. Andrew is a singer, songwriter, composer, guitarist and a modular synth addict. He has been the creative force behind Toronto synthrock band Trench Run for more than a decade and recently completed his new album “Truth Love Battle”. Some of his work can be heard here.

Andrew will share songwriting duties with Peter and work is already well underway on exciting new ATOMZERO material.