Out now exclusively on Side-Line Magazine’s Face The Beat: Session 3 compilation is Vain Machine’s Terminal Satisfaction Mix of “Velocity”.

All proceeds go to support O Allos Anthropos (A Different Person), a mobile kitchen in Greece which provides warm meals to the poor on a daily basis. For more info, preview and/or purchase at name your price please visit here.



Dear friends, as 2015 is coming to a close we have plenty to be grateful for. To those who have purchased and/or listened to our Velocity EP released back in September, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. It means the world to us. And to all the DJs, radios and publications who have taken note and help spread a little Atomzero love – you have our deepest gratitude!

Our label is generously offering their latest label sampler that’s just been released for free (or pay what you want) on which we have an exclusive remix of Therapy by the very talented Mr. Tregenza. You can download it from here.


A number of things have been happening over the last couple of weeks following the release of our Velocity EP. First and foremost, we are extremely thankful for the outpouring of support from our fans and the media outlets including online publicatins and blogs as well as the radio stations who have covered the release and shared our video. We are honoured to have been included in Synthesize Me‘s poll with our tracks Velocity and Helix for best of 2015. If you have a moment (takes 2 clicks), just click here, scroll down and select Atomzero – Velocity and Atomzero – Helix. Thank you kindly!

The video for “Velocity” is now also available on Vimeo:

Released today is our new Velocity EP (digital download only). Available directly from our label AnalogueTrash Records, iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay, HMVDigital, Beatport Pro & Juno Download. We’ll update this post once it becomes available on HMVDigital (updated).

The EP consists of 4 new Atomzero tracks plus two remixes of Velocity by Gunmaker and Needle Factory. Reviews (as of this posting) of the EP can be found on Hooded Stranger, Peek-a-boo Magazine, and Brutal Resonance.



The video for the title track “Velocity” is now out and can be viewed on our home page (on the right-hand side, our Media page or directly here.

Also, the upcoming Velocity EP is now available for pre-order over at TrashDigital! The EP will be out September 7th and consists of four new Atomzero tracks and two remixes by the very talented Gunmaker and label-mates Needle Factory. Full track listing:

1. Velocity
2. Therapy
3. Helix
4. Towards The Sun
5. Velocity (Huron Gun Remix by Gunmaker)
6. Velocity (Needle Factory Atom Mix)

We’re in the final stages of completing our EP, taking a slightly different approach by having our tracks mixed and mastered by X-Fusion Music Production. The EP will include 4 original new tracks with a remix or two (still to be determined). The EP is tentatively scheduled for September 7th and will be accompanied by a video for the lead single “Velocity”.