Our new album titled “Technophilia” will be released March 29th, 2019 with pre-orders now available here and there will be a very limited run on CD. The track listing is as follows:

01 Technology
02 Automatic
03 Compromise
04 Device
05 Digital Brain Analogue Heart
06 Daisy Chain
07 Echo
08 Analyze
09 Splintered

Happy New Year to all our fans! Wishing everyone a great 2019!

With new music coming down the pipeline in early 2019, we thought we’d do a visual refresh to fully embody the spirit of ATOMZERO 2.0.

This of course includes this very site you’ve visited. There’s greater integration with social media sites, making this truly the central hub of everything… us. Social media can be a fickle thing often not reaching every follower so this hopefully will enable every visitor to catch up on the latest happenings.

There’s many new things coming up and we’re truly excited to share these with you in due time. Thanks for visiting.

Our newest song “Automatic” is now out on our label’s sampler. Head on over here to download this compilation and pay what you want. Any sales or streaming royalties gained will be donated to Refugee Action – a fantastic charity that supports and campaigns for the rights of refugees, asylum-seekers and migrants across the UK.

Reading our last post it is hard to believe just how much time has passed since it was published. And yet also so much has happened with our new songs. Well here we are despite the unexpected length of this journey, excited to announce that the new album (title to be revealed soon) is finished, recorded, mixed and mastered! The lead single is called “Automatic” and will be featured on the upcoming AnalogueTrash Records Label Sampler Vol. 4. It’s being released Friday December 14th to AnalogueTrash subscribers (a great deal by the way to get loads of great music for one price) and on Friday December 21st on general release. There will be a video to accompany the track, so that’s coming soon.

In the very near future this website will also see an overhaul, reflecting the new look and spirit of ATOMZERO.

Peter & Andrew.