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“Towards the Sun” remix now out

The latest AnalogueTrash sampler featuring artists from the label came out May 5th! We’ve contributed a remix of our own track Towards the Sun from the Velocity EP. The best news? It’s completely free so head on over here and take a listen to the entire roster of artists.

If you do decide to purchase or stream, please know that your hard earned money is going to a worthy cause as sales or streaming royalties gained will be donated to Refugee Action – a charity that supports and campaigns for the rights of refugees, asylum-seekers and migrants across the UK.

“Prism” now out!

Our cover of the classic Pet Shop Boys track “Opportunities” is now out on Electrozombie’s 22-track tribute compilation entitled “Prism”. Available from iTunes, GooglePlay, Amazon and LOUDR. For links and more info please visit the Electrozombies page here.

Pet Shop Boys “Opportunities”

Atomzero have covered Pet Shop Boys, classic track “Opportunities”, out on Electrozombies tribute album “Prism” featuring a lot of great artists. Release date December 12, 2016. Here’s a teaser preview of the entire album: