Here’s the last back catalogue track we’re revisiting from 2006, “ComPassion”. Next week some clips of new tracks! Stay tuned…

One Day

Another day, another free track. Here’s our song “One Day” from 2005.


This week’s track from our back catalogue comes in the form of a previously unreleased video for the song “Satellite”.

And here’s a downloadable audio link:


Status update

While this status update is overdue sometimes silence can be a telltale sign. Amongst other irons in the fire we’ve been very busy mixing the new tracks for the upcoming album. We’ll be sharing some of these fruits of our labour very soon but for the time being we thought we’d share some of our older material with you in full. This week, we’ll start with “Revenge” from 2005.


New website!

Welcome to the new redesigned ATOMZERO website! This is one of our first steps leading towards our new upcoming music — more on that later. For now the content is pretty much as was, except maybe for a mugshot or two. Stay tuned and thanks for visiting.

Album progress

All songs now written… final lyrics being inked… calculating jump to hyperdrive.

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