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Coming out on AnalogueTrash Records this summer will be the Velocity EP, containing new songs and remixes. Track listing is yet to be determined, more news on this to follow!


Following the recent announcement of Andrew joining Atomzero, Peter and Andrew spoke to Brutal Resonance. For more insights on the line-up change and the the latest happenings within Atomzero and what the future holds, head on over here.

The new voice of Atomzero

It is with great pleasure to introduce Andrew Hunter as the new voice of Atomzero. Andrew is a singer, songwriter, composer, guitarist and a modular synth addict. He has been the creative force behind Toronto synthrock band Trench Run for more than a decade and recently completed his new album “Truth Love Battle”. Some of his work can be heard here.

Andrew will share songwriting duties with Peter and work is already well underway on exciting new Atomzero material.

Band line-up change

Gord has decided to leave Atomzero due to differences that cannot be reconciled. We are both very proud of the music we created together on “Symbiosis”. The Atomzero journey continues and begins a new chapter. More news will follow once the path forward becomes clearer.

Terra Relicta Dark Music Awards 2014

Our album “Symbiosis” has been nominated for best album of 2014 at We are deeply honoured to have now made it to the final round! If you have a moment (takes 2 clicks), go HERE and vote for Atomzero – Symbiosis by clicking on the green triangle. Voting ends Sunday February 22nd, thank you all for your support!

2014 Reflections

As this year is coming to a close we can’t help but reflect on what a phenomenal year 2014 has been for Atomzero.

From releasing MisDirection back in April to re-releasing our debut full length album “Symbiosis” in an expanded form for the UK and Europe in December — it has been a year of milestones for us. From the videos we produced in support of the songs to the opportunities of performing them live. From getting signed to a record label to meeting new musician friends who were generous in putting their spin on our tracks, or who let us remix them. It’s been a truly tremendous year for us for which we have YOU to thank for. Onwards and upwards to 2015!

And as a token of good will, our label AnalogueTrash Records is offering their label sampler compilation for name your price (including free). Not only are we lucky to be amongst such a talented roster of artists, but we’re also featured twice. Once with an exclusive remix of Build Decay and another with a remix of Vain Machine’s excellent “Broken”.

Symbiosis [Special European Edition] now out!

The Special European Edition of our Symbiosis album featuring bonus tracks and remixes is now out in the UK and Europe. Available directly from our label AnalogueTrash Records digitally or on CD here. Full track listing and previews below:

Symbiosis in the UK & Europe

A special European Edition of our debut album Symbiosis will be released in the UK and Europe digitally and on CD on December 13th. This edition of the album features bonus content including 2 additional tracks and 4 remixes by Advance, Assemblage 23, Neonsol and SkinjoB.

For pre-orders and full track listing head on over to AnalagueTrash Records’ website!

Surface Video

The video for our single “Surface” is now out and can be viewed on our home page (for the time being) or the Media page. The Surface single featuring an exclusive track “Halo” is now available in the European iTunes stores. Non-European customers can still grab it from AnalogueTrash Records’ bandcamp site here.

Surface Single Out Now

Out on AnalogueTrash Records today is the digital-only single for “Surface” from the upcoming European edition of our album “Symbiosis”. Features an exclusive track “Halo” at a name-your-price cost.

Available directly from the label here. Coming soon to iTunes.

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